Subscriber Success Stories

Matt Green

Greens Landscape

Indianapolis, Indiana including the greater metro area

Before WP, we only had two paying Christmas lights customers. We were just starting. We had dabbled into lights in the previous season, but could never get much traction.

What interested me in WP were a few things. Learning the business can be detrimental if the program owner is more about making money and not being super honest. The folks at Winter Profits are super awesome people and very honest. We knew they would give us great insights and all their trade secrets that they had learned over the years. That is the hardest thing to find these days. Learning from someone that can teach, has great well thought out videos and presentations, along with the industry experience is what attracted us to WP. The added bonus was the app used for takedowns which makes the process seamless. WP had already been through everything under the sun over the last decade so why should I make the same mistakes they did, when I could purchase their developed processes and learn from them early on?

We honestly had no training built out, no systems and no real sales experience. WP gave us their best information and then we were able to modify it to work for us. We now have install and takedown systems, load sheets, semi figured out sales, and working hard at building out our inhouse training programs based on their videos and literature. We plan to brand it for our internal team for training.

We added 61 additional clients, bringing in an additional $77K in revenue. It took our team a few weeks to get the hang of it, but we started to gain some serious momentum near the end of the season. Takedowns were a breeze. We learned the value of ordering products ahead of time, so we have it ready to go for the season instead of changing products during the busy season. The removal app was by far the biggest WP value addition. We had no system, and the app walks you through every question you would need to document the takedown for the next season’s install.

I am a believer in Winter Profits. They are upstanding honest people that are here willing to help set you up for success. Without them it would have taken many years to figure out the sales spreadsheet, how to effectively measure properties remotely, and dial in our call script. The app that WP provides is easily worth the membership cost of the subscription. Everything they do has been refined over several years to provide maximum efficiency. Remember, we only have a limited number of weeks to do ALL the old and new Christmas light installs. It pays to be super-efficient to maximize productivity and that is what Winter Profits provides!

Alec Overett

Precision Cutz

Carmel, Indiana

We had never done Christmas lights until last year and we subscribed to WP to teach our team all aspects of the service before jumping into it.

Our goals were to essentially step into the market doing Christmas lights the right way. We wanted to make sure that we were not one of those companies just hanging lights bought from big box stores not really knowing what we were doing. I became interested in WP because it has everything you need to know about how to get into the holiday lighting market with zero experience.

Literally everything – our team had the desire to learn and offer the service, but WP taught us all we needed to know. From setting up the sales process, to install, to takedown, and even how to build your pricing correctly!

We added about 50 additional clients, bringing in about an additional $50K in revenue.

Winter Profits has been an amazing building block in the creation of our holiday lighting service! Just a year ago we were trying to decide if we wanted to get into holiday lighting. But as a high quality service provider, we wanted to make sure we were bringing that same level of service to holiday lighting customers, and we just weren’t sure how we’d do it without any experience or knowledge of how a professional holiday lighting service is run. Stumbling across Winter Profits changed the game for us, we were able to step into a brand new industry with confidence! We helped brighten the holidays for 50 customers last winter and we are hoping to at least triple it this coming year! We are super excited to utilize the tools Winter Profits offers to become a top player in our area!