About Us

Winter Profits was founded in 2020. Owner and founder Jed Wyatt, also owns and operates Zing Services, a lawn and tree care company operating in the Boise, Idaho area since 2010. After over ten years of managing successful holiday lighting seasons year after year, Zing compiled and fine-tuned their Christmas light processes into an online platform to share with other service companies. The goal of Winter Profits is to help other business owners skip the learning curve and start making profits and growing their businesses earlier in their careers.
Zing Services installs over 2000 homes and businesses growing consistently each year by 30%. As Zing Services develops more efficient processes and tools, they are shared in the Winter Profits online subscription platform. One of the main strategies they strive to teach other service business owners is to streamline their services, so they are profitable with low costs and resources. This allows businesses to become scalable and grow year after year.
Our Vision
We aim to help service business owners establish a profitable winter months service that allows them to attract new clients and add a high revenue stream. Streamlining Christmas light services can become one of the most profitable services offered, which creates an opportunity to move the entire business forward.
Our Values
Here at Winter Profits, we are hardworking, honest and reliable business owners. We share our proven strategies and processes with other service companies so they can be successful and profitable. As we grow and learn of new tools and tricks in the industry, we share those with our subscribers in the WP online platform.